2020: Four Years Honest Electronics

Four Years Honest Electronics
6 Αυγούστου / August 6, 20:00 – 23:45
Συμμετέχει: Παναγιώτης Μηνά (live)
Θκιο Ππαλιές, Λευκωσία
6th of August is an incredibly important date for us.

Join us at Thkio Ppalies as we celebrate the fourth year of Honest Electronic with a triple release event which marks the simultaneous release of 15 artists.

First of all we are very proud to announce that our second vinyl release has arrived and you can buy it exclusively at the event. It includes tracks from Joralsky, Krimson Vial x Spivak, M.GIbbosus, AyGeeTee, MYHN and Androula x RAW SILVER.

Then we are celebrating the remastering of BillyD’s iconic ‘Motorik’ , you can download the remastered original tracks for free and you can buy a very special remix pack including remixes form ArgyK, Alex Tomb, Niko Mas, Joralsky, elektroniki, RAW SILVER and fngsrm.

We have also created a new and limited T-shirt line along with some tote bags.


spivak presents; silk cult (live)
coral bay (live)
arrbutus (live)
panayotis (live)


— V.A. — Dishonest04 Sampler (12” Vinyl)
Includes: Joralsky, Krimson Vial x Maria Spivak, M.GIbbosus, AyGeeTee, MYHN, Androula x RAW SILVER.

— BillyD — Motorik (Digital Remastered) – Free Download

— BillyD — Motorik (Digital Remixed)
Includes Remixes by: ArgyK, Alex Tomb, Niko Mas, Joralsky, elektroniki, RAW SILVER, fngsrm)